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North Sea Jazz

For the last time The Hague hosted the North Sea Jazz festival. It was the 30th edition of this get-together and once again people from all ages, colours and genders ventured into the concrete maze that is called the National Congress Centre.
I was fortunate enough to work for ISS during the entire weekend as cleaning service, which ment I could walk around freely as long as my terrain, which I shared with my girlfriend, was clean. Our terrain was near the "Spiegeltent" and the "Carel Willink"-hall. Most of the work was cleaning food off the tables and replacing full trashcans with empty ones.

Unfortunatly I could see much of the music, but the atmosphere was excellent. Jazz seems to relax everybody, as there were no real incidents in our terrain. Some of the acts I did see were "Steps Ahead", which sounded really progressive and modern with a very good live sound.
I hope that the move to Rotterdam, where the Festival is held next year, will be a good one. It was alot of fun working on the festival with my girlfriend and other friends.


At 1:21 p.m., Blogger herman said...

yes, it was really nice indeed. even though i am not really into jazz yet, the atmosphere was superb.



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