Ahava; one can only make one happy by free will.

As opposed to my other blog, this is one for moments that are not for analyse. Stop Thinking and Stop Explaining. Stop, wonder and accept the unknown and eternal inevitablity of life and love... I am mozzarella!


In the beginning....

...God made the light, shortly thereafter God made two big mistakes. One of them was called Man, and the other was called WoMan...
-Frank Zappa.

I would like to tell you al little story about the nature of life.
You are here or somewhere.
You know you are, because you see it, feel it, taste it, smell it and touch it.
You walk around for some time.
You die.
You are not the only one, which is a comforting thought.

Now there is love.
You are in it.
You don't know who you are, because you see her, feel her, taste her, smell her and touch her.
You stay there
You live.
You are the only one, which is a wonderful feeling.