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Strange discussions

Some discussions I just don't get. How can people discuss whether the God of Abraham is the same as the God of Moses. Whether Allah is God or not? If there is one term in human history that has been defined and redefined it God, but at the end of the story God is just all about the stuff we cannot understand. Even after modern science is able to rationalise the world, there remains the emotion within people to have something like a God. So what does it matter if there are differences??

At first I had the impression that most people think as I do about this, but once you get to talk to people the fundamentalism and absolutism they have for "their" God is really a strange phenomenon.

Another strange discussion is the one on evolution and creation. Central in this discussion is the question: "who are we and where do we come from?" Are we created by a God or did we evolve out of apes? Why not scrap this contradiction and ask the following question:

"How is evolution created?" or "How did creation evolve?". Answer on these question are found either in Quantum-physics or Mystic religion. In the end All is One, yet in the end critical humans don't like oneness, because it doesn't explain, it doesn't operate and you cannot build a machine with it.

Yet, the strangest discussion of all is about the brains. Our main tool and our consciousness. We are and we know we are. Do animals know they are? If not, are they? Neuro-science is constantly redefining it's philosophical parameters in order to explain new foundings, and new rarities, while Indian medicine has just accepted the paranormal several centuries ago. So modernity has gotton itself cornered into using more and more difficult words, while denying spirituality.

Oh well, things could be worse.


At 8:12 p.m., Anonymous jjvv said...

Am I pleased to read this!
By the way: the brains are just the main tool in Asijah (the natural world).


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