Ahava; one can only make one happy by free will.

As opposed to my other blog, this is one for moments that are not for analyse. Stop Thinking and Stop Explaining. Stop, wonder and accept the unknown and eternal inevitablity of life and love... I am mozzarella!


Is there any meaning?

I recently visited Israel, where I was born and raised the first eight years of my life.
Sitting on a grassfield in Caesaria, eating pancakes with chocolate, a very young human being approached us, and esspecially me.

The approximatly 4-year old stared with a blank face at my suprised face and made no sound.
Then an older man yelled at him: "Jonathan Bo-Hena", which means 'come here'.

Several minutes later the same thing happened, and in the car on the drive back to Tel Aviv there was an hebrew song on the radio about some Jonathan that was gone for a long time, and needed to come back to his homeland.

While eating falafel on a bench on the Yarkon, I was telling my bio-father about my little brother, David, and i didn't have to mention his name. Some other person in the park shouted 'David' just at the time I was about to say it.

These series of coincidences I noticed. And I see no point in further explaining them. I simply visited Israel and this chaos of a world seemed tuned. What more do you need?