Ahava; one can only make one happy by free will.

As opposed to my other blog, this is one for moments that are not for analyse. Stop Thinking and Stop Explaining. Stop, wonder and accept the unknown and eternal inevitablity of life and love... I am mozzarella!


Star Wars IV Parody

Very funny, very explicit parody of the first Star Wars movie

By John Cleese (him yes)


So energy exist and it is only related to mass and time. It actually comes down to Energy and mass balancing against eachother over a certain amount of time. Why call this science and not the way of life? It sounds almost like a summary of the Bible....

Too much star wars in my head ;)


touching the eternal being....(-trip)...

So this last summer something very remarkable happened to me and the (my) universe. My girlfriend Nike, her cool bike and me went for a one-week break through Belgium. It resulted in a lovely week with some nice rides through Belgium, visits to Ieper, Gent, Villers-la-Ville ruins and Maastricht. We camped first at the french-speaking part of the Belgian border in between mostly roudy teens having a part of their summer holidays there...on sand. Then we camped near Brussels, but so far away from Brussels. There we could see the castles of the European Union. These huge villa's with forests as garden we're european diplomatic offices, thats for sure. It's like being in the middle ages.

Anyway, then we camped at a location at a river, surrounded by forest. For me, nature was and still is sort of new. I grew up in Tel Aviv, then in The Hague and most of my holidays we're flights in between. I have gone on one-week break before, sure....but never with spacecake.
I dont remember what we we're doing that day excepts commiting a wasp genocide with half a Fanta bottle. That evening we took some chocolate spacecake we had brought allong from Holland. We ate it...we sat by the river...we went to the swings...we got to the tent...we pass out...

...and then the fun part. I cannot stop thinking. I am laying close to Nike and my thoughts accelerate, usually not the thing you expect from cannabis, but this was not your average trip. Every thought that I got, i could 'counter-think' with another, and so thoughts and new linkages developed. At first the medium was a rapid one, then it only got faster. I remember thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking...or at least so it felt.
At a few moments these thoughts got deeper. Deeper inside myself. I could see my own history. At first the wheels we're rolling toofast to get a clear view of an event, but it got more focussed.
While I was lying there Nike lay on my left arm, as I was holding her elbow and at a certain point in time her elbow became a remote control for my strange and active brain-trip. I started slowing down the images, stand still and deep in some heavy moments in your life and just see them. No judgement, no verdict, just emotion...and no talking. :)

...and now for the strange part. When I'd try putting the braintapes at pause by centering the turnaround ring on the remote with my finger - and remember all of this was happening on her elbow and with my index finger touching her - she gave a fysical shock. This happened several times in ths near time-less experience, so I could go on for hours trying to grasp the nature of time, the universe, human emotions and creativeness through marihuana. But would it make any sense to attach words to this?


Is there any meaning?

I recently visited Israel, where I was born and raised the first eight years of my life.
Sitting on a grassfield in Caesaria, eating pancakes with chocolate, a very young human being approached us, and esspecially me.

The approximatly 4-year old stared with a blank face at my suprised face and made no sound.
Then an older man yelled at him: "Jonathan Bo-Hena", which means 'come here'.

Several minutes later the same thing happened, and in the car on the drive back to Tel Aviv there was an hebrew song on the radio about some Jonathan that was gone for a long time, and needed to come back to his homeland.

While eating falafel on a bench on the Yarkon, I was telling my bio-father about my little brother, David, and i didn't have to mention his name. Some other person in the park shouted 'David' just at the time I was about to say it.

These series of coincidences I noticed. And I see no point in further explaining them. I simply visited Israel and this chaos of a world seemed tuned. What more do you need?


In the beginning....

...God made the light, shortly thereafter God made two big mistakes. One of them was called Man, and the other was called WoMan...
-Frank Zappa.

I would like to tell you al little story about the nature of life.
You are here or somewhere.
You know you are, because you see it, feel it, taste it, smell it and touch it.
You walk around for some time.
You die.
You are not the only one, which is a comforting thought.

Now there is love.
You are in it.
You don't know who you are, because you see her, feel her, taste her, smell her and touch her.
You stay there
You live.
You are the only one, which is a wonderful feeling.