Ahava; one can only make one happy by free will.

As opposed to my other blog, this is one for moments that are not for analyse. Stop Thinking and Stop Explaining. Stop, wonder and accept the unknown and eternal inevitablity of life and love... I am mozzarella!


Energy Matters

Gravity Pulls to keep the circles round and the lines straight.
Energy Matters as it is used by machanisms and organisms.
Matter forms energetics and energanics.
Form Evolves around...
Evolution Loops.
Loops go.
"Go", said It.


Exchanging Words

There is a saying in Dutch called "woorden wisselen". The literaly translation is "exchanging words". It is mostly used to describe a serious discussion between two people that do business, or have "an apple to peel". I, however, had a very pleasent evening yesterday, as I was exchanging words with Lars (on the left). It is very nice to have a friend with who you can communicate on the same level of thinking. Exchanging words, explaining theories to each other, and sharing personal feelings can then occur on an high and accurate level. In this way you can also inspire one another.

By the way, the Dutch clouds are really nice this time of the year, very majestic and overwhelmingly gigantic.

On another note, I recently went to my 7th Opeth show, this time the venue was "De Melkweg", and once again the performance was brilliant, powerfull, grinding, heavy, melodic, emotional and there was enough sloppy humour to go around. I play the Ghost Reveries now almost continously....addictive as it is.